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When it comes to maintaining the safety and structural integrity of a project, shoring plays a critical role. At Rafat Demolition, Excavation & Shoring, we provide industry-leading shoring services to ensure stability during the construction process. Our team combines technical expertise, robust planning, and the latest equipment to deliver secure and reliable shoring solutions for any project.

Shoring Services

Ensure your construction project’s success with our expert shoring services. Designed to provide the maximum level of safety and stability, Rafat’s shoring solutions lay a solid groundwork for any project.

Earth Retention Systems

We design and install earth retention systems to prevent soil movement and ensure the stability of surrounding structures during construction.

Sheet Piling

We provide sheet piling solutions for projects requiring robust support, such as deep excavations or close to existing structures.

Slope Stabilization

We help control and prevent landslides with our professional slope stabilization services, ensuring the safety of your project and nearby properties.


Our underpinning services strengthen existing foundations, enabling them to bear additional loads or withstand changes in the ground conditions.

Slurry Walls

We construct slurry walls to resist the inflow of water into a construction site, providing an efficient solution for waterlogged areas.

Pile Driving

Our pile driving services ensure the deep foundation support your construction project requires, particularly in challenging soil conditions.


We install caissons to support structures, especially where soil conditions are poor or the loadbearing capacity needs to be increased.

Tiebacks and Anchoring

Our team installs tiebacks and anchors to provide lateral support to retaining walls, enhancing their stability and strength.

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