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Serving residents, businesses, and Ontario municipalities since 1988

Unearth unmatched expertise with Rafat Demolition, Excavation & Shoring. As one of the leading excavation service providers in Ontario, we have been the backbone of countless successful projects across the Greater Toronto Area since 1988. Combining our deep understanding of local geology with state-of-the-art equipment and a highly skilled team, we offer an exceptional range of excavation services designed to meet the unique needs of every project.

Excavation Services

Whether you’re preparing for a new construction project, installing utilities, or need specialized excavation work, we approach every task with precision, efficiency, and a firm commitment to safety. Trust us to lay the solid groundwork that your project deserves.

Site Preparation

We prepare your site for construction, removing any unwanted structures, vegetation, or debris to create a clean and safe working environment.


With our fleet of heavy-duty equipment, we can move large volumes of soil and rock to shape your land as per the project requirements.

Foundation Excavation

We dig foundations with precision, ensuring your building has a stable and secure base to stand on.

Underground Utility Installation

Our experts can dig and prepare trenches for utility installations, including water, electricity, and sewer lines.

Drainage and Grading

We provide effective solutions for site drainage and grading to prevent water pooling and promote efficient runoff.


Once the construction or installation is complete, we provide backfilling services to refill excavated areas.


We offer precise trenching services for various applications, including pipelines, utilities, and footings.

Soil Compaction

We provide soil compaction services to ensure a solid and stable ground for your construction project.

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