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Serving residents, businesses, and Ontario municipalities since 1988

At Rafat Demolition, Excavation & Shoring, our expertise lies in providing reliable, safe, and cost-effective demolition services. With decades of experience in the industry, we have honed our skills to handle projects of any size or complexity. Our commitment to safety and adherence to strict guidelines ensure a streamlined process, delivering optimal results for all our clients.

Demolition Services

Our comprehensive demolition services are a testament to our commitment to doing things right, the first time. No structure is too big or complex for our experienced team. Trust Rafat to handle your project with precision and professional acumen.

Structural Demolition

We undertake complete structural demolitions, bringing down structures in a safe, controlled manner, no matter the size or scale.

Interior Demolition

Our team specializes in interior strip-outs, providing meticulous service that protects the integrity of your remaining structure.

Selective Demolition

For projects that require precision, our selective demolition service removes specific structural elements without causing damage to the surrounding areas.

Emergency Demolition

In the event of structural damage due to fires, floods, or other catastrophes, we offer prompt and efficient emergency demolition services.

Site Clearing

Our site clearing services include the removal of buildings, concrete, and other debris, and preparing the site for your new project.

Debris Removal

We ensure a clean and clear job site post-demolition with our professional debris removal service.

Recycling of Demolition Waste

We’re committed to sustainable practices, including the recycling of demolition waste where possible.

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